Facebook Movie: What does yours say to your prospective clients?

Facebook Personal Movie A Look Back
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Facebook Personal Movie A Look BackIn celebration of Facebook’s 10th Anniversary, it gave users the ability to click a link and create a one-minute video history of your time on Facebook.  Haven’t yet done it?  You can create your personal “Lookback” Facebook video here.

As part of that video, the initial frame was a collage of several photos with your profile pic in the center.

In looking through people’s videos, I noticed that, for those who are business owners who also use their personal page for business purposes, some are much more promotional than others.

For example, for those I perceive to be highly promotional in their use of their Facebook personal page, their video collage showed pictures of:

  • their products
  • them on stage somewhere
  • they standing with a celebrity/clients

For those who appear to be a lot less promotional, despite also having businesses, their video collage showed:

  • life — pictures of family outings, holiday gatherings, pets, etc.
  • nature and weather (snowstorms, sunrises, etc.)
  • food — meals made, restaurant meals, all types of food

If you created your own Facebook movie, go back and look at it objectively.  Knowing that the collage is what will sit on your timeline, what does it say about you to a complete stranger or prospective client?

Remember, perception is reality until something replaces it. 

Does your movie depict the *real* you?  If not, it’s time to shift up your social media presence.

Do you agree?  Disagree?  Please share your thoughts below.