Where’s “the line”?

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thinlineWhen you have a business that’s based, in large part, around you, it’s important to share things with your community, to build relationships and to relate as people.

The question which inevitably comes up however is “Where’s the line?” What do you share and where do you stop?

If you’re following me on Facebook, you may know that our beloved cat Eggie passed this morning from cancer. It came on quickly and while I shared that he wasn’t feeling well and was taking him to the vet, as things progressed, I found that I wanted to share less and less. It was too heart wrenching.

Each post and conversation full of well wishes and prayers brought on more tears. And while I’m incredibly grateful for all the support, I found myself unable to compartmentalize and when it came time to write this article, which was to be a list of my favorite books of 2012, I found that I couldn’t. I could only wonder about “the line”.

You see, the tragedy of Eggie is just one *thing* that’s hit us this year, “yes”, 9 days in. I also had an unexpected surgery last week — something very few people know about (until now) — and something we’re still waiting on test results for.

Why am I sharing now?

Because it’s life and it’s messy. Sometimes life is great and other times, well…you get the idea.

As a business owner, particularly a small business owner, you want to plan your business to roll with life’s waves. The big and the small.  You want to know that your clients will understand should the need arise.

Plan your month, your quarter, your year, it’s what we’re doing, as you read this, in the first of two virtual half-days for my “Vision Board to Reality: How to Create Your Best Year Ever” Program, and know that we’re here to support you, with whatever happens and whatever you choose to share.

God bless and be well.