Increase credibility by replacing these two phrases

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I’ve managed an online team for 16 years and was recently referred to as a “founding grandmother” in the online world by Carrie Wilkinson (formerly branded as The Barefoot Executive) meaning I’ve run a successful virtual-based business for “a while”.

And while our team certainly isn’t perfect (we’re humans after all), there are two phrases we strive not to use:

  • “Will do” — If a task/project will take less than 30 minutes and you can get to it today avoid saying “will do”. Instead, say nothing immediately, complete the task/project and respond with “All set”, “It’s done” or your version of the same. Not only does it become one less back-and-forth email, it closes the loop for the requestor. No waiting to see if it was completed, no taking up brain space with wondering. Done. Period. Gratefully move on to the next thing.
  • “ASAP” — It creates another open loop and extra communication. Instead, “It’ll be done by EOD on Wednesday” or “Can you please get this done today by 3pm and let me know in advance if not?” depending which side of the request you’re on. Can you feel the difference in energy?

Eliminating (or reducing) these two phrases will instantly increase your credibility with your clients and members. Request this of your team (simply forward this email and say “let’s try this”) and enjoy the difference it makes in working with them.