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Snippets are tidbits of info — a buffet of content and you select what best serves you.

None of the below are affiliate or referral links, just info I thought you’d find helpful for yourself or to delegate to your team.

– Article on Duct Tape Marketing about why guesting on podcasts is a great content marketing tactic. I completely agree and recently guested on two with more coming.

– You can request your Google Analytics account automatically send you a weekly report. This saves you having to remember to check it and you can act more quickly on the information — especially if you’re using paid advertising to drive traffic to your website.

– Email marketing returns $42 for every $1 spent — this and other 2021 email marketing stats from HubSpot.

– ConvertKit (the service we used to send this email) is hosting a complimentary Grow Your Audience Challenge starting September. Learn more and register here.

– With iOS15 and increased privacy in place around emails, your open rate will likely show a lower number than actual. Given this, you want to encourage readers to engage with your emails. A simple way? Give them something helpful-to-them to click on: a complimentary download, link to an article/template, etc. And “yep” that’s what I’m modeling in this email.

Bonus snippet: Notice how most of my links are long? This is so it’s easier to tap if you’re reading on mobile.