It’s time to stop apologizing

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Time to stop apologizing by Sandra Martini -- ethical marketingWhile catching up on emails during a recent business trip, I noticed a new trend appearing:

Every few emails showed another business owner apologizing.

Apologizing for what you wonder?

For doing their *job* and offering their services.  In effect, entrepreneurs and business owners now feel the need to apologize for being entrepreneurs and business owners.

They (you?) do it in several ways:

  • Promising not to offer anything for sale on calls or at events
  • Lowering their voice and generally sounding embarrassed when making an offer on a teleseminar or webinar
  • and lowering their prices or offering more and more deals for fear that no one will buy

Why this new trend?

We’ve become jaded.  Jaded by all the BS, all the hype, all the “koolaid”, “6 figures in 60 days”. . .in general, by all the crap that’s out there.  And that jadedness is causing legitimate and well-meaning business owners to apologize for doing the very thing that they’re in business to do:  provide programs, products and services which help their clients.

If this describes you, my recommendation is to focus on the fact that you are legitimate and you are helping people and stop letting the behavior of others, especially the charlatans, affect how you run your business.  Karma will catch up with them.