Extreme Client Care: A tale of two hotels

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Peabody-ducks-memphisOver the past 6 days, I’ve been in 5 cities and two hotels.

It was interesting. . .either of the hotels would have been “great” by themselves, but back-to-back, one was a clear winner when it came to Extreme Client Care™:

The Peabody in Memphis.

Both hotels had great food, great service, wonderful front desk staff and great conference areas/staff.

There was one difference. . .

I pulled up in a cab and the bellman welcomed me.  Not just welcomed me, but “Welcome to The Peabody Ms. Martini” welcomed me.

How’d he know my name?  He read the teensy tag on my luggage (although I had to figure that out as, when I asked, he told me that they know the names of all their VIP guests and all guests at The Peabody are VIP).

Contrast that to the other hotel I visited, this time in Tampa, 2 doormen stood chatting when the hotel shuttle with me pulled up.  Those same two doormen kept chatting as I juggled my laptop bag and suitcase to open the door and get it all in before the door shut (it wasn’t an automatic slider).

Always remember. . .things matter.  Everything matters and usually more than you realize.