Business Observations, Lessons and Opportunities

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It’s been an interesting week. . .it seems there are lessons and opportunities everywhere I look.

Here are a few to inspire/motivate you:

We’re in the middle of local elections and, driving down a local road, I saw signs for two selectman candidates.  It appeared that one had a much broader support base than the other.

A few days later, driving down the same road, something about this thought struck me as off so I counted the signs. . .yep, one definitely has more supporters.

Then I counted the houses.  Same number of houses, more than twice the number of signs for one of the candidates.

As there are different types of business owners, there are different types of “politicians” – the one who gives out yard signs and leaves it up to the owner what to do/where to put them and the one who gives each supporter multiple signs (depending on property frontage) and shows them where to place for maximum impact.

Want to guess which one appeared to have more support?  What can you do to appear everywhere?


It’s also school vacation week and the kids are out.  Driving home, I saw two lemonade stands on neighboring streets:

The first had big professional looking (computer-generated) signs advertising “Lemonade 50 cents” with a nice picture of a glass of lemonade.

The second had hand-drawn (in crayon) signs advertising “Best lemonade EVER 75 cents” with a picture of a smiley face.

I stopped at both and asked the kids how they were doing.  The first indicated “okay” and the second said they had to “send mom out for more lemonade”.

Success is about more than a “professional” image.  Connection and, in this case, nostalgia matter.


We have 7 pets and with them come food bills, vet bills and, occasionally specialist bills.  There are places we could go which are less expensive than where we go.

When I don’t make their food, we get it at the local pet store which costs a little more than the big chain store; we get their meds from our vet rather than an online delivery service and we go where our vet recommends when something more is needed, as last week with Eggie.

These places all know our names and make us feel like family.

Never underestimate the power of relationships in your business.



Keep your eyes open. . .there are lessons and opportunities everywhere.

Pay attention to what’s going on around you – think of it all as a buffet – and pick/choose those items which resonate for implementation in your business.