Option Overload: Does your business support or overwhelm clients?


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Everywhere we turn, someone (or some company) wants our attention:

  • Radio, television, email, direct mail, billboards
  • Children, partners, friends, colleagues
  • . . .the list is never ending

And once they get our attention, we’re faced with a whole new set of questions and choices:

  • Here’s why you want/need to purchase X (and a slew of features and benefits come our way).  Agreed?  Great, what size, shape, color, flavor, format, duration, etc.?
  • Decisions made?  Great, how do you want to pay? Cash, credit, debit, installment plan, paypal?

At the risk of offending someone somewhere or not having what they want, we’ve gone the other way and incorporated “a million and one” different options for everything – from a cup of coffee to our service offerings.

It’s a wonder that anything gets done and we’re not all in a state of “option paralysis”.

Especially when you consider that a confused mind doesn’t invest (or purchase).  A confused mind walks away and goes somewhere less confusing.

The real question is “where’s the line”?

Where’s the line between offering “enough” to support your clients and overwhelming them?



How can you simplify and clarify for your clients?

A recent example. . .someone inquired about working privately with me.  I asked a few questions and, based on her answers, knew what would serve her best and shared it with her.

Knowing that one was a great fit and the others were, well, just “others”, there was no need to take her through all my offerings and she knew that I was focused on her needs more than revenue (the lowest priced option was the best fit for her) as first I asked, then I listened.

In 11 minutes we had an agreement.

It took me longer to order a coffee drink and I needed the process explained to me (wish I was kidding here).

What can you simplify and clarify for your clients?