Making everyone happy. . .

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Crowd - w- Thumbs-UpIt’s a challenge, trying to make everyone happy.  In fact, most would say it’s outright folly to try.  And yet, as a business owner, the more people we can make happy, the more we create raving fans, the less we have to go out and get clients and often, the better our business will do.

So how do we do it?  How do we keep our sanity and make as many people happy as possible, knowing that we’ll never make everyone happy?

Let me share a story with you.  The story of marketing my Extreme Escalator Experience Live Workshop which happens next week in Rhode Island.

When we announced the Live Experience, we got a flurry of registrations.  Then a trickle.

Then the emails started coming in:

  • “I’ll go and bring friends if you move it to the West Coast” — 21 like this
  • “I really want to go and will help you find a venue and you can stay at my home if you have it in California” — 2 like this
  • “Can I buy the homestudy?” — 8 like this and “no” as there won’t be one
  • “I really want to attend but have X going on the same weekend” — lost count of the number of emails we received like this

Needless to say, I wasn’t going to make everyone happy.

Then came the requests for it to be a live stream where attendees could watch live from anywhere.  And while these can be great for specific types of events, it’s not for mine.

And so I started thinking. . .how can I make as many people as happy as possible without compromising what E3 is and stands for and knowing that the hotel and dates were set in stone?

The answer is simple and was right in front of me the whole time:  Give my community what it wants.

The question was how.  I’ve answered that question and will be sharing more in the coming weeks.


My Request to You:

My request to you is to ask yourself how can you turn a “no” into something that will make your clients (and your bank account) happy, without compromising your values.  This is the time to allow your creativity to run free.

Some examples:

  • If they can’t afford your fees, can you offer a payment plan?
  • If they can’t do a certain call time, can you move it or promise recordings within hours of the call?
  • If they give you specific reasons why something isn’t possible, can you offer solutions or alternatives?

Know your values.  Know your goals.  And serve your community in the best way possible without losing track of what you’re doing and why.  Everyone will benefit and while you won’t make everyone happy, you’ll be a lot closer.  🙂