Right or left? Why you need both sides of your brain for business success?

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After chatting with a colleague for about 30 minutes last week, he said to me “Thanks for this call — I feel like both my left and right brains were satisfied.”

I laughed, told him that I felt the exact same way and forgot about it until on a walk.

It dawned on me then that one of the secrets of success is to be able to tap into both sides of our brain as needed. I’ve seen lots of classes on how to succeed if you’re “right” or “left” brained, but few which acknowledge that we need both.

While I generally think of myself as “left brained”, that’s not entirely true and the same goes for those who believe themselves to be largely “right brained”.

For example…

  • When creating a new product or program launch, we need to access our right (creative) brains to come up with compelling offers, offers that stand out from what everyone else is doing.
  • Once the initial launch/announcement is over, we need to access our left (analytical) brains to determine if it was successful, where we can improve, etc.

Here’s an example from one of my launches:

Right Brain

In creating the program, I wanted to do something I haven’t seen others do and decided to:

  • Publish a “deeper learning” clients only newsletter
  • Personally participate on our group forum
  • Include true behind-the-scenes spreadsheets, templates and checklists I use to run my business (also “Left Brain”)
  • Included a monthly “ask anything” call so members have an outlet to get answers on whatever will move them forward the quickest

Left Brain

In launching the program, I knew that I wanted to jumpstart it with several members to ensure we have an active forum, so I:

  • Offered a charter membership for those who joined early
  • Determined that members will recognize immense value even without my charging $97/month or more
  • Posted resource spreadsheets with video tutorials on topics such as a “Weekly Sales & Marketing Report”, “Financial Freedom”, “60 Day Success Goal Planning”
  • Included a weekly accountability form with questions designed to keep you moving forward

In reviewing conversion stats the other day (left brain), I saw that 56% (17 out of 30) of those in my last group program also joined this program.

And that over 60% of the current 87 members (including the above 17) have worked with me in some way over the last year.

Now that the value’s been proven, it’s time to access the right brain for some additional creative promotion.

Can you see how both the left and right sides of the brain play a part in not only a specific program launch, but also in your business?



Pick one area where you’re currently struggling or stuck and look at it from “the other side”.

For example, if you’ve analyzed your cash flow (left brain) and aren’t sure where additional revenue will come from, access your right brain for a creative offer you can share with your readers.

If you spend your entire day creating (right brain), access your left brain by completing a calendar showing when you’ll be doing each new program/promotion you’ve thought of and paring them down to the most effective for your business.