Without this, your clients are going elsewhere. . .

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This past weekend I attended the annual RV Expo in Boston and was thrilled to see how marketing savvy many of the exhibitors were.

There was everything from putting down padded mats in front of “their” RVs knowing that we’d been walking around a lot and would linger longer where we were more comfy to offering sturdy/lined bags to hold our brochures at the exhibit and which were branded reusable grocery bags for home.

Can you see how these different businesses thought ahead and anticipated?

These simple activities are part of their “Marketing Escalator™”.  They’ve thought ahead to what would:

  •  Make their prospective clients happy/comfortable and
  • Simultaneously keep their company top of mind so when the time is right, they are the vendor of choice

So what exactly is your “Marketing Escalator™”?

Your “Marketing Escalator” is simply the answer to that one question which your clients are constantly asking when it comes to working with/investing/buying from you:

What’s Next?

and the answer to that single question is delivered through Extreme Client Care™.  Take a look at the below picture:

Escalator Marketing Business Plan Wall Poster

Every business, including yours, begins with gaining visibility and exposure while building credibility — as you gain these, your prospective clients “step” onto your Marketing Escalator™ (see people above).

And this is where your Extreme Client Care™ kicks in:

  • your weekly connections (this could include a newsletter)
  • helpful/informative social media tips
  • relevant blog posts
  • “thank you” cards
  • birthday cards

Your Extreme Client Care™ keeps you “top of mind” so when your prospective client is ready for your services, you’re the first person/business she thinks of.  (Can you see how important it is that you be consistent?)

And once she invests with you?

Provide a great experience and she’ll be asking “what’s next?” — if not specifically, then subconsciously.

Continue providing Extreme Client Care™ as you showcase the other solutions you offer — notice that the poster has three levels.  This allows our clients to grow with us and is the heart of the Marketing Escalator™.

Unlike the traditional marketing pyramids or funnels, the different levels aren’t for higher pricing and more access to me.  In fact, the different levels represent growth and change in our clients.

For example, with my business, the levels represent:

  1. Attracting clients and increasing revenue — once we institute the processes to ensure you have a steady stream of clients, you move to Level 2
  2. Adding leverage — now’s the time to ensure the business is leveraged so you’re not spending all your time working on (or in) it and once you’re leveraged, we focus on
  3. Increasing profits — it’s all about tweaking and optimizing your business so that it hums and you keep more profits.

The goal of the Marketing Escalator™ is that your business flows and always answers the question “What’s Next?” in working with you.

What are the 3 levels of your business?  I’d love to hear below.

And if you’re ready to design your business for success, I’d be happy to have a no cost, no obligation “Get Acquainted” session with you.