Marketing Mess of the Week: Why Won’t You Let Me Give You Money?

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I was recently out on a site related to feng shui (a hobby and great love of mine) and wanted to purchase a new crystal for my office window.

After clicking NINE different links, I finally got to the shopping cart only to find that there was no "checkout" link.  When clicking to "checkout", the site kept bringing me back to the product description page.

Now it only took about 3 tries for me to get that things weren't going to change and start to hunt for a phone number to call and order this $16 crystal.

No such luck…another site with no contact information on it.

When all was said and done, I left the site grumbling, frustrated and having spent well more than $16 of my time. . .and without the crystal.

Somehow I don't think the business owner intended this to be her clients' experience.

Whenever you create a new product or service, be sure to walk through the steps you're clients will experience as if you were one — even better, ask your mother (or someone unfamiliar with what you're doing) to order the product WITHOUT you standing over her shoulder.

Is the experience simple?  Or are you frustrated by the amount of time and energy it takes?

Test, modify and test again until the process becomes effortless. 🙂