Maximizing Your Business Assets

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Maximizing assets?

What does that mean?

Your business assets account much more than *just* revenue or credit.  Your business assets include your website, your content, your programs, your relationships, your reputation, the goodwill and credibility you’ve accumulated.  It encompasses everything that your business is.

For purposes of today’s article, let’s discuss maximizing your assets from the place of “content”.

You’re creating content for social media, your newsletter, your programs, etc.  And then what?

What happens after that initial content is created?  Does it sit on your hard drive or are you maximizing it?

It’s easy to forget the content is a business asset.  It’s your intellectual property and can be used for:

  • lead generation
  • revenue
  • credibility

For example, the Direct Marketing Association used to state that we had to be “in front of” our customer 7-10 times before they’d invest with us.  That number has more than doubled — your clients and customers are bombarded with information everywhere they turn: from advertising to social media to commercials and direct mail.

How are you maximizing your business assets in such a way that you stand out?  {Tweet this}

A few suggestions:

  • Show up in other channels — don’t *just* send email or be on Facebook.  Learn where your clients are and be there.
  • Combine material into an ebook and put it on Amazon
  • Take your articles, create a video and put it on YouTube

Create a process, hand it over to your assistant or team and let them do what they do best.

My Request to You:

If you’re not sure where to look for your hidden assets, try a few of the following:

  • the “pdf” folder on your server — you’ll be surprised how much has amassed there that can be repurposed into templates, product bonuses, giveaways, telesummit gifts, etc.
  • your “newsletter articles” and “info product” folder on your hard drive
  • the “hidden pages” on your website — items you’ve created for “this or that” over the years and are now neglected

How can you repurpose these?  How about:

  • breaking them into social media posts
  • creating Facebook Notes (At the 2013 Traffic & Conversion Summit recently, they shared that for every person who accesses the Internet, one out of every 7 minutes online is on Facebook — are your clients there?  Are you reaching them?)
  • creating videos

How to make it happen:

  1. Discover where your audience is, aside from their email inbox
  2. Ask yourself how you can be there as well, even if this is a little outside your current comfort zone (trust me, your comfort zone will expand as you test it)
  3. Create a process to make it as automatic as possible
  4. Do/Delegate one area at a time until it’s working well
  5. Add another channel when ready
  6. Schedule a note on your calendar to check in quarterly to see if you have enough to create another product for your site, Amazon, etc.

Follow these steps and you’ll be maximizing work you’re already doing as opposed to creating yet another “to do”.