New Marketing for the New Economy, Part 2

New Marketing Pt 2
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Last week we talked about marketing before “online” became so popular: you know, high contact costs using print and snail mail only, geographic limitations, expensive advertising.

Then we chatted a bit about marketing in the early 2010 and prior period:  websites equate to international clients and your business being open 24/7, low contact costs and instant responses, inexpensive and f.r.e.e. “advertising” – essentially, marketing utopia for the small business owner.

And then the latest recession came and businesses of all sizes and models started to flounder, if not outright fail.

It’s time to do things differently, truthfully, it’s past time and while many businesses have embraced some of these philosophies, it’s the sum of them which will guarantee sustainable success while maintaining sanity.

New Marketing for long-term success in the New Economy:

  • Quality, not quantity, of relationships (or “REALationships” as MaryPat Kavanagh calls them) and connecting with clients as people, not revenue streams – leave ivory towers to the princesses
  • Do business as if you live in a small town and everyone knows you and “your business” – that is with true integrity, integrity your great grandparents would be honored to see
  • Extreme Client Care™ is NOT a “nice to have/do” – it’s a requirement, for yourself and your clients.  Check out Bonnie Hutchinson’s Cherish Your Clients, Cherish Yourself
  • Focus on profits and Extreme Client Care™ and the revenue will take care of itself
  • Simplification, consistency and leverage in all things: your business model, your marketing, your positioning,  your systems, everything

Notice what’s not included above:

  • Blogging and podcasts
  • Ezine and email marketing
  • Direct mail
  • Advertising
  • Networking
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Teleseminars, webcasts, webinars…

These are simply strategies – the core concept, your business foundation has to be grounded for any of these to work.  Without a full understanding of your vision, purpose and overall “how” for managing your business, there can be no success.

Make It Real: My Request To You

Are you ready to make a decision about your business (note that there’s no wrong decision here, simply the one which is best for you)?

  • Do you want a business which will support your desired life goals or one to keep you busy?  Either’s okay.
  • Are you willing to be open and do things differently to get what you want? Or do you like the status quo?  Either’s okay.
  • Do you want to design your business (and life) or would you prefer to let it “happen” to you?  Either’s okay.

These aren’t decisions or choices to make lightly.  Take your time, think about them and enjoy 2011 with the confidence, inspiration and motivation of knowing “THIS is my choice and what I want, now to make it happen!”