Why you’re not getting new clients

hmmmYou’re good at what you do.  People who work with you get great results.

Why then are you having trouble getting clients?

We could use the “economy” — it’s likely having an effect.  That said, other people are filling programs and getting new clients, so what’s the deal?

It hit me yesterday when one of my Escalator Profits members told me that she loves the information I provide because I make it usable.

That’s the key.

Not that you provide good, or even great, info — which you likely do.  Not that you have the perfect launch system or the greatest “angle” or even the best client care.

You have to make the information you provide relevant and usable.  Theory doesn’t cut it.

Clients have to be able to understand what you’re saying AND how it applies to their business.

The easiest way to do this?  Tell stories.

Show your clients how to apply the information by sharing stories of your experience and how you used the same info in your business/life.

And if you haven’t used a particular strategy yourself?  Tell your clients — and tell them why, even if the reason is less than flattering (such as “haven’t gotten to it yet”).

As with most things, integrity is key.  Your clients will appreciate you more knowing you’re not perfect.

Have other ideas for making your information easily usable by your clients?  I’d love to hear them below…