New Marketing for the New Economy, Part I

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Typewriter vs laptopIf your parents and grandparents are anything like mine, you may have grown up with stories about how much easier you have things as compared to them. 

In fact, I remember hearing how my Dad’s tiny town in rural Italy didn’t have electricity until my grandfather brought it – by way of a car battery. 

And, of course, they walked to school 5 miles uphill, both ways.

So is true of marketing and growing your business.

In the “old” days:

  • High overhead
  • Limited to business hours (usually 9am – 5pm)
  • Limited to local clients
  • High “contact” costs using print and snail mail (wait and wait and wait for response)
  • Cold calling
  • Expensive advertising
  • Dress up and commute to office
  • Work hard, be away from family

Early 2010 and prior:

  • Low overhead/low barrier to entry (good and bad)
  • Have website? Open 24/7 for business
  • Clients are international
  • Low “contact” costs, instant response
  • Know, like and trust
  • Inexpensive/f.r.e.e. “advertising”
  • Work from home in pjs if you want
  • Work smart, home with family for dinner, homework, etc.

And everything’s shifted again.  If you’re not prepared for it, you’ll be left far behind as your ideal clients wonder why you’re out of touch with the current reality and go elsewhere for what they need.

My Request To You

Part 2 of “New Marketing for a New Economy” will share the philosophies necessary for success in 2011.

Between now and next issue, take some time to jot down what YOU think are the marketing philosophies which will resonate with you and your ideal clients in our “new” economy so you can compare notes with me next week.