Power of a Case Study vs Testimonial

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Do you use case studies or testimonials in your business? 

Testimonials are fantastic – although typically short, a paragraph or so or a few minutes on video. They’re great sprinkled throughout your website and in marketing materials, on social media, etc.

Here’s one we recently received:

“Without Sandy, we’d still be aimlessly wandering through the wilderness, wondering how we can use ASM to revolutionize our business model. We’ve never worked with a partner like her before. She’s everywhere and sees things we don’t. This is so amazing. I don’t ever want it to stop.”

Stephen Woessner
Predictive ROI, LLC

Then there’s the case study…

A much more in-depth piece showcasing your client, their challenges and how they overcame/are overcoming them and what’s next for them.

You can read our case study with Predictive ROI here.

Case studies are ideal to share with prospective clients as they can get a feel for how you work and results others have achieved while partnering with you.