Defining your Client Success Model™

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Do you have a Client Success Model™? 

A visual representation of “If you have these things handled and optimized, you’ll have X results” for your clients?

It’s also a visual representation of the things your business does well. The things you’re an expert in. For us, it’s Extreme Client Care™ – that phrase has guided us for the last 18 years and serves as an umbrella over our Client Success Model.

However, when we say “practice Extreme Client Care”, people don’t always understand all that it means. Our model breaks it down.

Additionally, whenever I’m wondering what to write about or what type of program to create, I come back to our Model and the answer reveals itself.

Our Client Success Model is below. Do you have one? I’d love to see it if so.

The majority of clients we work with have membership or subscription programs so we use the phrase “What’s next for members?” knowing that it could just as easily be “What’s next for clients?” Or patients, or customers depending on who our client serves.