Beautiful job of marketing a subscription program

viome kit
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Have you been considering a membership program or have one and are struggling with the marketing?

If so, you may want to check out to see their process. Note that, while I am a client of theirs, I’m not an affiliate.

I invested in a Viome kit last year (fabulous by the way – when I received my results and took action based on them, was able to release 45lbs) and, like everything I get, paid attention to their marketing.

Here was my experience:

  1. I saw them on Instagram and visited their website.
  2. After doing some research, I ordered a test kit.
  3. Received the kit within a couple of days and an email confirming it was delivered.
  4. About a week after it was delivered, received a reminder to complete the online questionnaire and mail in my test results (postage prepaid by Viome).
  5. Received email when results were ready and everything was organized beautifully online and easy to understand. 
  6. And an offer for an ongoing subscription (membership) with 50% off the first month to try: 1/ receive personalized vitamins, based on your test results, to include only what your body needs and delivered to your door monthly OR 2/ #1 plus tests delivered every six months (when they recommend re-taking the tests) – both with no long-term commitments.

The process was simple, the content was well-organized and the offer to try them out an “easy yes” as:

  • Everything up until that point was a good experience
  • They spoke direct to me (had something I wanted)
  • There were no commitments so easy to cancel if I wanted
  • There was a discount to give them a try (bonus perk, I would have tried without this)

In thinking about your next offer – membership, subscription or one-time – consider the experience your prospects have before you make the offer… and beyond.

Here’s to an amazing 2022!