There’s not enough time

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Take responsibility for your actions or non-actions

Do you find yourself uttering the words “there’s not enough time” or “I didn’t have time to X” when it comes to activities in your business?

If so, you want to ask yourself “Did I really want to do it?” or “Do I really want it?”

So many want a successful business and yet don’t want to do all the work associated with having/getting one.  I hear all the time about people who want to work 20 hours now, earn 6 figures+ and “can’t afford” to hire a team to help them get it done.

It’s not going to happen.

I work more than 20 hours in my business.  In fact most weeks, I’m working directly with clients in group or private programs more than 20 hours and then work on marketing, admin, program development, writing my book, etc. after my clients are served.

And while I have office hours, some days I work late (or start early) if a project needs completing or a client wants me to review a time-sensitive document.

As business owners, we have to take responsibility for what does/doesn’t happen/get done in our businesses:

  • Do you blame the economy when you have a lower-than-planned revenue month?
  • Are you complaining that the revenue isn’t there on one hand and saying you didn’t have time to invite people to your new program on the other?
  • Are you wondering why people aren’t investing with you when you (repeatedly) say you’ll be in contact with them and then “don’t have time” to get to the ezine, broadcast, blog post, etc.?
  • Are you blaming a coach or mentor for a lack of results when you’re not taking action?
  • Are you spending time on busywork while those things which will earn revenue sit undone on a list somewhere?

If you either agree with the above or immediately start feeling defensive, trying to justify why things aren’t happening, my request is that you stop.

Just stop.  Take a few breaths, go to that place deep inside where your truth lies and ask yourself this question:

“Am I willing to do what it takes to get what I want?”

Then listen to your intuition.

If the answer is “it feels to hard”, “I don’t have time” or any of a myriad of other excuses, it’s time to take a deep look inside at the true issue as you’re giving up your power while you relinquish responsibility.  Remember, we all have the same amount of time — it’s what we choose to do with it that’s different.

If the answer is “absolutely, I just don’t know where to start/what to do”, then it may be time to engage a mentor.

And of course, is the answer is “oh yeah, I’m ready!”, then leave this post and take action, asking yourself the question “What’s my fastest path to results?” and then acting on the answer.

Do you agree?  Disagree?  I’d love to hear your thoughts below.