The Future of Marketing

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NH MountainsWOW!  Hard to believe it’s the start of the 4th quarter and we’re already into October. 

Last week DH (Darling Hubby) and I spent the week in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, going on road trips to Maine, Vermont and along the Kancamagus Highway and alternately, staying in and hanging out.

Each morning, I began my day with some reading — either of programs/products I’d invested in or some business books, followed by a bit of reflection/thinking.

It was during this time that I thought about the future of marketing.

You see, back in 2010, I started talking about the end of the marketing funnel and pyramid.

They’re gone.  Anyone still preaching about the marketing funnel or pyramid is out of touch with today’s clients (Tweet this) and the way they want to:

  • receive information,
  • be spoken with and
  • make purchasing decisions.

Rather than treat everything and everyone as a potential revenue stream and force clients into a funnel or up a pyramid that defines programs, products and services by how much you can charge, start with the clients’ wants and needs.

What if you built your programs, products and services based on the best way to serve?

  • Levels of programs, products or services based on where the client is in their journey?
  • Varying price points (including f.r.e.e.) at each Level to serve your clients at all stages of growth?
  • Consistently learning and growing in your industry so you can consistently serve clients as they grow and learn?

Sound difficult?  It’s not, once you embrace the basic tenets of “Escalator Marketing.

  1. Put yourself in your client’s shoes and ask “What would I, as a client, want?”
  2. To the extent it makes good common and financial sense, do it and go one step further — surprise them with a great, not good, experience.
  3. Treat everyone as your best client, whether they’re paying you or not.
  4. Produce and curate helpful, relevant information that your “clients” can put to use immediately.
  5. Remain grateful and incorporate Extreme Client Care™ throughout your entire business, including with your partners and vendors.

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