“The” Word and The #365 Project: Making 2015 Your Best Yet

January 1, 2015 #365Health
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Each year, for years, I’ve picked one word to focus the upcoming year around.  The hub around which all else rotates.

For 2015, that word is “health”:

January 1, 2015 #365Health
  • Physical Health
  • Spiritual Health
  • Financial Health

Each with its respective goals for the year.

And this year, I’ve chosen to add a separate component, one to help keep me focused and accountable.  Inspired by all the #365Projects from 2014, most especially Get It Done Right Member Corinna Rake’s #365FeministSelfies, it’s #365Health.

Each day in 2015, it’s my goal to notice and capture something related to an improvement in health — be it physical, spiritual or financial — and share that on social media (with summary posts here) as inspiration for myself and others.

It can be as simple as a picture of the ocean or a sunrise (spiritual health) to a picture of my forthcoming book cover (financial health) or even a simple dinner lovingly made (physical health).

There are lots of #365Projects out there:

  • #365FeministSelfie
  • #365SimpleLiving
  • #365Entrepreneur
  • #365Happiness
  • #365Family
  • #365Love
  • #365Journaling
  • #365Gratitude
  • #365ActsOfKindness
  • #365Leaves
  • #365Birds
  • #365Buildings
  • #365Blogging

Your #365Project is limited only by your imagination.

Why, with everything going on and all the hats that we wear as business owners would I recommend considering such an endeavor?  There are several reasons:

  • Increased focus.  And, after all, what we focus on tends to expand.
  • Increased visibility.  It inspires you to get out there more.  More for you and for your business.
  • Conquer old fears (if you have them) around being on the front side of the camera.
  • Camaraderie with others who are embarking on their own #365Projects.
  • Increased content creation — it gets you in the habit of creating content other than only writing.

And, for those of us who use and love vision boards, a #365Project is like watching your vision board come to life — you see each step of the journey. (Click here to tweet this.)

Are you considering a #365Project for 2015?  If so, for what?  Please share in the comments below — I’d love to see what you’re up to.

And if a #365Project feels like too much of a commitment right now, how about a #52Project (one a week) or a #12Project (one a month)?  What will serve you and your goals best?