Three Things You Can Do Now to Support Your Business

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I’ve been partnering with clients and watching businesses over the past couple of months, here’s what I’m seeing:
  • Biz owners who have stayed focused and implemented are doing well — the majority of my clients have been minimally affected revenue-wise. Two have had their best spring yet. A key commonality of those clients? They have a mission and know their “why”; it helps pull them forward on rough days.
  • Biz owners who are “doom and gloom” or spending a significant chunk of time on Facebook (specifically) are having a tougher time of it — especially if they didn’t have money set aside for emergencies. If this describes you, aside from avoiding “doom/gloom/fear mongering”, what needs to shift for you to get excited, motivated and implementing in your business?
3 things you can do now to support your business, no matter its status:
  1. Learn your numbers. Are all your offers profitable? Does the business pay you? Do you set aside money for taxes (Note: we have three 2020 estimated tax payments coming up between July 15th and September 15th — are you prepared? If not, read this book.).
  2. Know that something’s off, but not sure what? Read this book and/or take this free business evaluation.
  3. Limit the amount of negativity you allow in your world (it’s a choice). Unfriend “negative nellies” on Facebook, limit the amount of media you subject yourself to. Focus on all the positive things happening and how your business helps and supports your clients and YOU, no matter your industry.
The above complimentary business evaluation is a new tool as the result of my being a Fix This Next Certified Advisor.