What It Takes to Deliver the Optimal Client Experience through Extreme Client Care™

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Sandy thinking of optimal client experience through extreme client careAt the end of the day what makes our businesses unique is that we’re running them.

We create – whether by design or default – the experience each of our clients has.

So how do you deliver superb experiences to everyone you serve?

It starts with knowing what your core values are and ensuring that they’re embraced throughout your entire business – by you, your systems and processes and your entire team.

So what are your core values or your core business rules? What are the “non-negotiables” in your life and business?

Here are my Top 10:

1. Integrity and authenticity first and foremost.
2. Deliver Extreme Client Care™ through every interaction, whether live or automated.
3. Embrace change through open-mindedness.
4. Build open and honest relationships.
5. Resourcefulness over resources.
6. Continuously pursue growth and learning.
7. Live and lead with passion and presence.
8. Be grateful and humble in all things.
9. Live as a candle, spreading the flame without diminishing it.
10. Abundance.

Once you create this list for yourself and your business, things become much easier. Whenever faced with a question or a challenge, just run down your list and ask yourself “What would someone who adheres to X do?”

The answer is often readily apparent as a result.

Please don’t ignore or “yeah, yeah” this exercise.

This is what has you send that last email or connect with that one more person when you’re tired and want a break.

This is what supports you when you pick up the phone to make that “Will you support me” call.

The key is to train your entire team in your Top 10.

When they’re working as part of your business, your mission is their mission.

If they can’t do that, they don’t belong on your team.

And when you’re creating your next program, product or service, this list is what will ensure you take people from paying customers to raving fans.

Things truly do become simpler.

I’d love to hear what your core values and beliefs are — will you share below?