What Scrabble® and Business Have in Common

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ScrabbleA few months ago a friend introduced me to the wonders of playing Scrabble through Facebook — while I’d played years ago and moved on to playing an updated version (“UpWords”) with my Mum, I hadn’t thought about transferring lessons learned in Scrabble to business until recently.

A few observations:

Scrabble: While placing your word in the “obvious” position may bring you quick points, taking a deeper look at the board before placing your letters almost always results in higher points.

Business: Doing what’s obvious can generate a trickle of revenue while stepping back and analyzing before acting almost always results in higher revenue and profits.

Scrabble: The board and your letters are constantly changing.  Make the most out of each turn.

Business: The environment and economy are constantly changing. Decide what you’re doing and do it.

Scrabble: It’s a game – relax, have fun and enjoy the person you’re playing with.

Business: It’s your life – relax, have fun doing what you love and create relationships to enjoy and last a lifetime.

I’m often asked where I get the ideas for all the content I share: programs, products, blog posts, SmarTini tips, SmarTini Quick Tip videos, teleseminar topics, etc.  Truth is, there are lessons and ideas all around – you just have to learn how to tap into them.

My Request to You:

Owning and managing a successful business is really about just a few things:

  • Listening to your clients and readers and giving them what they want (you personally if qualified and through strategic referrals if you’re not).
  • Observing everything around you, even Scrabble® games, and transferring lessons learned to your business whenever possible.
  • Be in integrity.  Period.  

Did you notice that each of the above bullet points has an action included?  The observation without the action is meaningless when it comes to your success.

© 2011 Sandra Martini