The 3 Most Dangerous Words in Business

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Just 3?

Yep. . .3 words which, when uttered and worse, believed, have the potential to destroy your business.

The words?

“I get it.”

When someone starts talking and we think “I get it”, our subconscious tunes out and we start thinking about something else – often missing important points and critical actions we’d otherwise catch if we were truly present and listening.

I read a book by the philosopher Peter Ouspensky years ago and what struck me the most was, to paraphrase, his stating that his “challenge lies in convincing you that what you’re about to learn is new information.”

See, if we think we “get it” or have heard the information before, we’re going to shut down our learning and once we do that, there’s no room for growth.

This is a challenge for you, as a business owner, and for your clients who are also saying “I get it”.

In order to succeed in business, it’s important to catch yourself whenever thinking “I get it” and, just as importantly, you want to learn how to break through your clients’ “I get it” thought process.

Learning how to authentically, without “ickiness” (a technical term), break through that unconscious barrier so that your clients recognize what you’re sharing IS new and can help them is the difference between having a successful business and, well, not.

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