Treating the symptom vs the problem

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When something hurts, what do you do? Many people take a pill hoping that the symptom will go away.  And it often does.

And the next time something hurts? Another pill.

And when things are hurting in the business and you *need* revenue, do you “hold a sale” or “call your list” to encourage people to invest with you?  This may work for a short term fix…but what happens when you’re hurting again (and you will be)?

In both of the above, we’re treating the symptom (ending pain/generating immediate revenue) rather than curing the problem.

The issue with treating the symptom is that we never fix the problem.  And these quick fixes only work for so long…until the underlying problem festers and grows.

I’ll leave the health questions to those more qualified.  When it comes to your business needing revenue, the underlying problem is as simple as it is complex:

Your business is not set up to consistently attract and retain clients.

That’s it.  Simple to say.

As for complexity? It’s like baking a cake from scratch — you need to know the right ingredients, the right proportions and the right amount of cooking time.

That’s where many business owners fail (and yes…if you’re not consistently attracting AND retaining clients, “fail” is the word): using too much of some ingredients, not enough of others and then, commonly, not putting them all together in the right way.

Holding quick sales, calling everyone on your list — these are quick fixes which exacerbate the underlying problem that your business isn’t set up to consistently attract and retain clients.

And the solution — the true solution — will create positive benefits in addition to consistent clients and revenue…things you may not even realize are currently hurting will flourish (shortened work day, more profits, and so much more).

If you’re ready for the true solution, I invite you to check out www.LetsMakeItReal.comor keep doing things the way you have been, for the same “results”.