Would you hire you?

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking a lot about integrity and truth in business.  Combine that with knowledge and experience and ask yourself “Would you hire you?”

No one’s watching, no one’s listening.  Look deep inside and answer honestly, “Would you hire you?”

There was a time in my business when the answer was “no” – I wouldn’t have hired me:

  • Systems were inconsistent and so I couldn’t guarantee that clients would have a great experience
  • I tended to commit to more than any person could reasonably do and so either missed a deadline or didn’t do as great a job as I would have liked
  • I failed to take regular breaks and was too “heads down”

That all changed.  And it changed simply because I took that deep look, asked the question and, when I didn’t like the answer, I set about changing things:

  • Systems, checklists and templates were created and tweaked.  Online systems subscribed to to ensure things don’t get missed.
  • Created a marketing plan, grabbed a calendar and learned how to chunk my days by the projects/tasks I’m working on: administrative, client, writing, etc.  Became more consistent in delegating.
  • Started taking regular breaks (throughout the day as well as vacations) and was rejuvenated, seeing opportunities for me and my clients everywhere

So let me ask you again, “Would you hire you?”

Make It Real – My Request to You

If you’re answer is anything other than a wholehearted “ABSOLUTELY!”, take a look at your business and see what you’d like to change, tweak or create:

  • Are your systems in place?  Are they consistent?
  • Are you maximizing your time in the office?  Whether it’s 2 hours or 5 hours?
  • Are you delivering on your promises?
  • Are you taking the time and space to rejuvenate?

These type of questions are never easy to ask or answer – especially about ourselves.  Your business deserves your total and complete honesty.

And if the answer IS a resounding “ABSOLUTELY!”, fabulous – now ask how can you improve?  How can you make your clients’ experience even better?

I’d love to read your thoughts below. . .