When You Give (on Twitter and elsewhere), You Also Receive

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One of the questions I've often asked is "What should I post on Twitter and Facebook"?

While there are several things you can post (check out my post on How to Become an Expert Using Content here) on Twitter and Facebook, the simplest of all is to let your friends and followers know when they've helped you in some way.

Rather than send a private "direct message" on Twitter, openly thank or congratulate someone for something they've done.

In addition to showing gratitude/recognition to someone, openly posting "thanks" or "kudos" does a few things:

1. It shows that you're happy and willing to give credit or thanks when appropriate.

2. It links you publicly with the person you're thanking/giving credit to (and puts you in their stream).

3. This type of post counts towards "valuable and informative" content and isn't self-promotional.

So what are you waiting for?  Go share some gratitude and recognition today!

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