[SmarTini Tip] Expert Credibility: How to let your clients give it to you

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If you've been around the "online world" a while, you know that "content is king" — after all, it's generally expected that you should:

* publish a weekly/biweekly email newsletter

* "touch" your clients in offline ways

* post 2-3 times a week to your blog

* host your own teleseminars and be guests on others

* contribute daily to Facebook and Twitter

and the above is all *at a minimum* and we haven't even discussed videos.


Assuming you're here to connect and build relationships with others in a true and meaningful way (and if you're not, you may as well stop reading now) and aren't in it for the "quick sale", where do you find all the information to post/send out?

After all, the quickest way to build your expert credibility is to share "expert" information with others.

So how do you "know what you know" in order to share it with others who are looking for that very info?

Here's one of my favorite strategies. . .

1. Create a list of 10-20 questions…

Ask Team Sandy (my virtual team) to compile questions I've received via email, on my website, on my group forums, on my blog, etc. and post them to our private intranet — after all, if one person's asking, several others want to know as well.

Listen to a few of my Open Q&A calls — these are goldmines of info as the entire purpose of the call is for clients to ask questions about "anything and everything".  Every call contains content for at least 15 articles/blog posts/teleseminars and tons more tweet!

2. Grab a notepad and answer each question, in detail.  No skimping on info.

3. Decide how, where and when to publish the answers

1. Will these be audio or video blog posts? Are they going on YouTube?

2. Will they be ezine articles or blog posts?

3. Will they be for clients only and distributed through my print newsletter?

4. Will they be submitted to article directories?

5. Are any of these good teleseminar topics?

6. How many quotes/tips will I pull out for Twitter?

And here's a bonus "next level strategy" of the type I usually share with my clients and in my print newsletter:

1. Take a good look at your questions and group them by topic/subtopic area.

2. Then time the publishing of the *answers* (posts, tweets, teleseminars, articles, etc.) with a program/product/service launch which relates specifically to those questions.

The above will take a few hours, but it's WELL worth the investment and is one of the fastest ways to become the "go to" person in your industry (no matter what it is!).

And just think, we haven't even touched on all the ways you can repurpose this information. . .yet. 🙂

I'd love to know how the above strategies work for you…go ahead and implement, I'll be here when you get back. 🙂