Why Facebook & Pinterest are more popular than other social media

Facebook and Pinterest are more popular social media platformsHave you ever wondered why Facebook and Pinterest are more popular than other platforms like Twitter, Linked In and Google +?
I’ve been traveling a lot over the last few weeks and noticed that when I get online, after email, Facebook or Pinterest are the first places I go.
Then, as the flight attendant was about halfway through her announcement, it hit me. . .
Facebook, Pinterest, this particular flight attendant make it fun and entertaining:

  • Facebook keeps us interested with games, connections with friends from all aspects of our lives, pictures, videos, and more.
  • Pinterest depicts our lives and desires via pictures.  It’s like a huge storybook. . .and fun.
  • And the flight attendant on my flight home from California kept us engaged by promising to confiscate and sell any electronics not turned off as a contribution to her retirement fund.

Compare it to the more business-like, less things to distract us Twitter, Linked In and Google +.  Now you’re likely thinking that Twitter is one big cocktail party with lots to grab our attention and you’re right. . .but there are no games, no immediately-get-our-attention-pictures.
Nike has teamed up with Apple to allow us to track our exercise, have it auto upload and let us “compete” with other people or even cities. . .all while going for our daily run.
LoseIt allows us to track our exercise and food intake and awards us badges for doing so consistently.
FitBit does the same and interfaces with Facebook so you can share with your friends or even have friendly competitions to see who walked the most steps in a given day.
They combine fun rewards with optional accountability.
Wondering how you can further engage your community?  Ask yourself, how can I make it fun and inviting.
Here’s just one of the things I’m tweaking in my business:

  • The Get It Done Right program will include badges and rewards for seniority, helping others in our forum and more.

Just because it’s work/business, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.  After all, that’s great customer service and Extreme Client Care™.  🙂
I’d love to hear your suggestions and thoughts below.