Why the soap isn’t cleaning up…and what it could mean for your business

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Peppermint SoapWhile out and about yesterday, I stopped in a local drycleaner which also sells locally-made soap.

I picked up a bar of peppermint for myself and thought of some friends who would also love a bar. . .then I looked at it:

  • The bag was standing upright, wide open to allow me to smell the soap, but that also resulted in one end being dusty.

My immediate thought was that this had become too much effort for a quick “she’d like that” as I would have to:

  • wash the dust off the soap first (who wants a dusty gift?),
  • then figure out how to rebag or let the bars dry on my sink
  • before putting back in the bags so friends would have the maker’s contact info, etc.

The soapmaker (or marketer) could have simply folded the bag over (without taping as smelling the soap is part of the allure) or turned the bag on its side to avoid the dust.

Either option is simple and would have resulted in my (and I’m guessing others as well) purchasing several bars rather than one.

My request to you. . .

Set aside your pride and ego (it’s often hard to take this critical a look at our own business), look around your business — better yet, ask your friends or colleagues to — and see what needs “folding’ or “turning” in order to be an “easy yes” for your ideal clients.

You see, it’s these little things which could mean the difference between success and failure in your business, of a program, of a product, etc.