Would you hire yourself?

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Let me ask you a simple question. . .

“Take a look at the services and programs on your website and tell me, would you hire yourself?”

Seriously.  Would you hire yourself for each and every thing listed under your services/programs?  No one will know your answer. . .this is between your site and you.

If the answer is anything but a resounding “OH YEAH!”, it’s time for some reflection and possibly additional training.

Wondering where this came from?

I’m seeing oh-so-many “experts” who can’t do what they purport to offer:

  • “Marketing experts” who have no clients yet feel they can teach and charge others how to get clients
  • “Online experts” without the basics like an opt-in box who feel they can do website reviews and evaluate our businesses
  • “Marketing strategists” who see what others are doing and recommend you do the same – whether or not it works for your business, personality or industry
  • “Launch specialists” who consider sending a few emails and posting on social media a sufficient launch “strategy” and shrug their shoulders blaming the economy when things don’t go according to “plan”

It’s beyond frustrating.  In fact, it’s unethical and fraudulent and subconsciously these individuals know this and so often repel the very thing they desire.

We all have gifts.  We all have training and experience.  We all have things we love to do and are great at.

If this article made you bristle or you felt targeted (you weren’t), you have a choice:

  • Focus on your gifts, training and experience and do well in your business and life;
  • Learn new skills, actually learn them, downloading an ebook or taking a class does not make you an expert, and do well in your business or
  • Claim to be something you’re not, take inconsistent action in becoming that person and wonder why you struggle.

This may sound harsh and I don’t mean it to (really).  It’s a wake-up call for those who need it (and you know if you do).

If you’re focusing on your gifts, offering what you know and are still struggling however, the issue is likely one of consistency and/or marketing strategy and that’s a different, and also solvable, problem.

And “yes”. . .I’m saying “problem” and not “issue” as, while it’s a different problem, it’s just as serious and just as deadly to your business if not resolved.

If inspired, I’d love to hear your thoughts below.