A basic — and often overlooked — key to business success

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We talk about all types of things related to business success: from tools to systems to processes and, of course, clients.

And yet one of the most often overlooked keys is knowing ourselves.

Yep. . .it’s that simple.  We often think that starting a business is going to instantly change us into this hyper-productive person who knows everything she needs to know to be/become successful.

Reality is far different.

Reality is that we’re still that same flawed individual who:

  • struggles with technology or loves it too much
  • jumps into action without planning or plans so much that nothing actually gets done
  • hides in our office, avoiding networking like the plague or is a social butterfly out and about at networking meetings and living on social media

When it comes to humans, the one thing we can guarantee is that we’re not perfect.  We all have challenges.  The key to succeeding, in business and life, is knowing what our challenges are and working with them.

For example:

  • if you often procrastinate, then an accountability partner may be beneficial
  • if you love to create programs and products and dislike the marketing/promotion side of things, then a joint venture or business partner may be beneficial
  • if you action, action and more action without slowing down to analyze the result of all that action, then a business and financial strategist may be beneficial

If you’re at your best in the afternoons, then that’s when you want to focus your highest payoff activities.  If you’re at your best in the mornings, then that’s when you work on your high payoff activities.

This sounds so basic.  So simple.  Reality is many of us remain stuck in the 9-5 groove that we knew as employees.  This is your business, your life, your dreams and yes, even your challenges.  Design your business around all of them for optimal success.

I’d love to hear how you’re “personalizing and customizing” your business below. . .  🙂