Making it easy to get — and keep — clients

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There are tons of examples of poor customer service, of clients leaving businesses.  But what about those businesses who go above and beyond, those who practice Extreme Client Care?  Who make us feel, if not cherished, then at least wanted?  Or who make it super easy to do business with them?

Some recent examples and lessons we can learn/incorporate into our own businesses:

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts — my policy is up for renewal this month and not only did they send a simple-to-read-and-understand renewal package, when my account executive was on vacation during the time I needed to make changes someone else stepped in and made it super easy for me to do what I needed.  When was the last time you heard good things about a health insurance company?

Lesson:  Is your business set up to handle customer and client inquiries/requests/updates and make it super easy, dare-I-say-it even pleasurable, in the process?

The Home Shopping Network — I have a “slight addiction” to watching HSN whenever Wolfgang Puck is on.  I absolutely adore his cookware and when he’s on HSN, he makes tons of things which spark ideas for different meals, etc.  So, kudos to Puck for showing me how to use his cookware and how easy it is to quickly make great meals (When was the last time you taught your customers and clients how to use your products/services?) and then there’s what HSN did (I only watch when Wolfgang’s on so not sure when they implemented this). . .you can now purchase straight from your television using your remote.  No need to grab the phone and wait on hold or grab your phone/computer/tablet.  They’ve made it super easy to impulse buy (I’ll save the pros and cons of this for another article).

Lesson:  There are two here:

  1. How can you make it super easy to do business with you and
  2. How can you teach your clients how to use your products and services?

And then there’s Middlesex Savings Bank — they have a great radio commercial about living and becoming involved locally and the mindset that many of us who live locally share.  They call it “a shared point of view on local day-to-day life” and go one step further.  Middlesex has created a “personality quiz” on their site so we can see if you’re a good match for each other.  Just knowing that makes you want to take the quiz and become part of their community.

Lesson:  There are two here:

  1. How can you create a community around your business?
  2. How can you break out of the mold of your industry and do something innovative?

It’s one thing to read this post and think “interesting”.  It’s another to read it, jot down some quick answers to these questions and schedule a time to take action/delegate/discuss with your colleagues/mastermind group

Which are you going to do?

Have other examples of great or innovative service?  Please leave a comment below. . .