August… An Interesting Month

hat and flowers in mug Hello August
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I read something years ago about August and, as I was reviewing my August goals, it came to mind. To paraphrase…
August is a funny month. Many people enjoy the last hurrahs of summer, taking time off, doing family vacations, etc. Others find August a great month to double down knowing that so many people are taking time away and the year seems to go by even faster after this month.
Reality is that most try and do both: Focus on getting things done/updated and enjoy more time away from the business resulting in increased stress as neither ends up being as good as it could be…
Personally, I’ve been feeling a bit like the cobbler with no shoes and so decided to wrap up some projects that have been lingering to the point of becoming tolerations:
  • Finish website refresh
  • Finish office move/reorg
  • Finish new website giveaway
  • and start Project Impeccable (a client’s program I take myself through a couple times a year)
Just writing those and sharing them with you immediately gave me an energy boost.
What about you? Will your August be wrapping up lingering projects, taking time away to rejuvenate, doubling down/updating on your 2020 goals, something else? Leave a comment and let me know, I’d love to hear.
Whatever you decide to do with your August, be conscious of the outcomes you’re seeking and schedule accordingly.