Sales Funnel: Breakdown of Consistent 84% Profit Strategy

Putting together escalator marketing funnel pieces
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Today I wanted to show you an Escalator™ (like a “sales funnel” except more wholistic in that it includes Extreme Client Care™ practices built in for more personalization without losing leverage) I created that has had a consistent 84% profit rate over the past 7 years.

There are several different formats your Escalator™ can take and this is just one example.

The Overview:

Escalator Marketing Model Overview

Our example below excludes the lead generation piece and follows the top path from the image above (note that the bottom path also exists in our actual Escalator™):

GIDR Escalator Marketing Model Example

2 notes on the content:

  • The opt-in content comes from the course being sold for between $7 and $19.
  • The $7 – $19 course content comes from the Get It Done Right (GIDR) membership we’re offering.

This allows us to create the system without having to create a lot of brand new content/products.

The above graphic depicts the type of training delivered through our Get It Done Right and Escalate! Communities which delve much deeper and, of course, include templates and more goodies.

Note the different ways we made offers above – on “thank you” page versus in “nurturing sequence/autoresponder”. The reason? Testing to see which our Community prefers as shown by conversion figures. That testing resulted in the bottom path being the most popular.

Can you see how, once you have a system in place which works for you – day, night, weekend, while on vacation, etc. – your life and business drastically improve?

The Escalator: Create a Funnel which Nurtures Your Clients and Your Bank Account WorkbookWant to know more about creating your own Escalator?  Click here to download The Escalator: Create a Funnel which Nurtures Your Clients and Your Bank Account Workbook (no opt-in required).