Sales Funnels: The Missing Key Ingredient

Client Escalator Marketing
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Client Escalator Marketing“Sales Funnels” or “Funnels” are an important part of any successful-for-the-long-term, leveraged business.

McDonald’s “Want fries with that?” is one of the best examples.

For those with online-based, virtual businesses, funnel trainings are all the rage.

The issue?  (Seems there’s always an issue, doesn’t it?)

They’re too salesy.  Too automatic and impersonal.

I’ve been teaching (and preaching) the “Escalator” approach for 5 years. It’s all the best of the funnel with the addition of Extreme Client Care™ principles and practices.

What that looks like:

Typical Funnel:

Sample Typical Sales Funnel

The above does its best to maximize profits and while conversions often pick up in the short term (assuming you have the right mix of offers in your funnel and are speaking to the right audience), long term sales tend to drop off. There’s little to no continuity of cash flow or client monetization through upserving and you often find yourself scrambling for new targeted leads to dump into the funnel.

Typical Escalator:

Sample Typical Client Escalator Marketing

The Escalator Model™ includes the same quick conversion and short-term profit maximization as the typical funnel. However, it also includes added “touches”, increased personalization and a long-term profit strategy through client monetization. One which seeks to serve clients and customers first (hence “upserve”) and, by so doing, attract clients who stay, pay and refer.

While it may sound like marketing dribble, the reality is it works. For you. For your clients. For your mission — assuming of course that part of your mission is to make a profit.  And it does so in a highly leveraged way.

The proof is in the conversions and percentages. Practicing the above, over 93% of our clients continue to repeatedly invest with us for more than 1 year.  89% for more than 3 years.

The Escalator: Create a Funnel which Nurtures Your Clients and Your Bank Account WorkbookWant to know more about creating your own Escalator?  Click here to download The Escalator: Create a Funnel which Nurtures Your Clients and Your Bank Account Workbook (no opt-in required).