How to stay relevant in a “dodgeball” world

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There are lots of reasons why clients may choose not to do business with you – that said, you want to know that they made a conscious choice as opposed to your message not reaching them.

While the immediate solution sounds like you want to send more messages, the truth is far more complex:

You see, according to a study by Yankelovich Partners (a marketing consulting firm):

  • 65% of people feel bombarded by advertising and marketing
  • 59% feel that the messages they receive aren’t relevant and
  • 69% are interested in products to avoid marketing and sales (they’re willing to pay to avoid marketing messages)

Given the above statistics, how can you best reach your perfect client?

Two ways:

  1. Segment your list so that you’re sending messages to the appropriate people in your community.  For example, this month we’re sharing an amazing opportunity to join the Get It Done Right Community for $27/month as opposed to the standard $47/month.  Messages related solely to that promotion are not sent to GIDR members as the messages aren’t relevant to them.
  2. Appreciate your current clients and community — I call it Extreme Client Care™ — whatever you call it, treat your clients and community better than they expect.  They’ll welcome you into their inboxes, mailboxes, voicemail, social media and hearts.  And please note that when I say “community”, I mean everyone you come in contact with, not only those who pay you.

Let me give you an example of a “miss” on each of the above:

  1. I bought a product recently and for almost two weeks afterwards continued to receive emails about all the reasons why I should invest in the product.  While usually I’d immediately unsubscribe, I didn’t want to miss any notification on the product itself so stayed on.  Now that I’ve read through the product, I’ve unsubscribed (this person calls herself a “marketing expert” — not so much in my opinion).
  2. I received an email on Monday from a company which is theoretically all about self care.  The subject line read “Last chance for love and weight loss”.  Before I opened the email, I was annoyed that any company, particularly one which is purportedly all about helping and supporting people, would indicate that anyone has a “last chance” at either love or weight loss.  Yep, another unsubscribe.

I could go on and on about the “misses”, from those who take you for granted and never thank you for your business to those who say they’re marketing experts and yet don’t know the basics or the strategies behind them and much more.

More importantly is to reward those who do serve you well and, as a business owner, to constantly share relevant information with your perfect clients (“relevant” to THEM and knowing that the “perfect client” for one program may not be the “perfect client” for another).

One I the ways I stay relevant is to use multiple forms of media (online, offline, social media, fax, phone, etc.) since my ideal clients are also using multiple media.

How do you stay relevant in a world where businesses are playing “catch” (tossing out emails and hoping people grab and buy) and prospective clients are playing “dodgeball” (“augh, not another email message!”)?