Tortoise or hare — which describes you? And why “neither” is the *right* answer!

We've all heard the famous story of the tortoise and the hare and their legendary race.  Not knowing the outcome, who would have ever put their bet on the tortoise?

When it comes to managing and marketing your business, it's more important to pick a few things to do consistently rather than flitter about doing the latest, "greatest" or sexiest things out there.  You'll be a whole lot more effective this way.

So does that make you a tortoise or a hare in your marketing?

Actually, neither are ideal.

Let me explain. . .

A hare spends her time racing here and there, taking shortcuts whereever possible and ends up with a foundation build on wobbly ground.

A tortoise spends her time analyzing each move, ensuring it's the best one to do "right now" when, by the time she implements, "right now" is often several weeks or months later.

Instead, you want to incorporate the best aspects of both:

Before beginning any new endeavor (whether creating a new product or service or signing up for a new social networking site), take a few minutes to determine how this will fit into your business AND whether you can commit the time to CONSISTENTLY work on it (whether you do yourself or delegate to a team).

Then, MAKE THE DECISION (here's where hares often falter).

If "yes", create space in your calendar to consistently do, go forth and implement!

If "no", let it go and get back to business!

Always remember, DONE is more important than perfect!