7 questions for your next client audit

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The overall single best thing we do for our business (and our clients) a couple times each year is a client audit. We’re in the process of one now and thought you’d enjoy hearing about the process. 

First, an overview: Aside from group programs and product sales, we have three categories of clients:

  1. Private clients who partner with me one-on-one
  2. Organizational clients I consult with and, in some cases, our team manages implementation and
  3. Members in one of our two communities

The client audit is primarily for #1 and 2 above and #3 is a program audit (we cover program audits here).

Don’t let the term “audit” scare you! We’re essentially talking about a review of your account with them.

7 questions to ask in your next client audit/client review

  1. Do we enjoy partnering with the client? Why/Why not? If “not”, can things be changed or is it time to wrap-up the engagement?
  2. Is the client getting results? Why/Why not?
  3. Is the client using all their program benefits? If not, remind them of benefits and see if there’s a reason they don’t use (typically a preference).
  4. Does the time we’re investing in the engagement make sense for the project/program rate? 
  5. Of the clients getting results, are there trends? Similar issues? Similar results? Similar industries? Similar personality traits? Similar demographics?
  6. Same question for those not yet getting results.
  7. When we see their name on my calendar, do we smile or cringe? For any “cringes”, we part ways as we can’t serve them well with “cringe” energy. And when this happens, another opportunity usually appears quickly.

Grab your calendar and schedule in time to go through this process. It’s a great investment of your time/your team’s time for so many reasons.

One of the most important things that comes from this process is identifying what the clients getting the best results have in common. It can inform a tightening of your niche, the types of programs/products you offer and the way you work with future clients.

Do you do a client audit? Is there something else you’d include?