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WOW. . .we're getting quite a response from the "FAQ" email I sent out the other day regarding my 90 Day Intensive.  You see, we're hearing that many of you REALLY want to come, but are currently enrolled in another program or are attending a 2-3-day workshop this Fall.

On vacation, I'm currently enjoying the fresh air and foliage in New Hampshire and for the first time, my team called me.  They weren't sure how to answer your questions of "What should I do, because I really want to join?".  After all, they know that the early bird savings of $500 ends tomorrow and that this is the LAST TIME I'm offering the 90 Day Intensive and they want to be sure and get you the answers you need.

Since I know that what you receive from the 90 Day Intensive allows you to seriously maximize what you're getting from your other program or workshop, I've come up with a special deal for those who can show me proof of purchase in another program (yes, we will be checking  :-)  

1. In addition to all the benefits in the 90 Day Intensive (including monthly CDs of all trainings and Q&A sessions for no extra cost!), you get a private, 45-minute (recorded) 1-on-1 strategy session with me between October 1 and January 15, 2009. 

2. You get $300 off the investment of the 90 Day Intensive and a 4-pay, no deposit payment plan.

This means that through September 22, you get a total savings of $800 ($300 MultiProgram and $500 Early Bird Savings) and can sign up for the 90 Day Intensive for a 4-month investment of ONLY $299.25.

I don't know if it's the fresh air and gorgeous views or lack of calories from my fitness quest (those of you who have dieted know what I mean here), but I must have temporarily lost my mind to be offering this amazing deal!

Just think, you'll be able to make money online, have all your questions answered AND get incredible results (imagine standing up in your Mastermind or Platinum Program and having everyone be AMAZED at what you've ACCOMPLISHED!). . .without incurring travel costs and upsetting your family routine.

If you're ready to get results, you can sign up here:

Want to take another look at the information page?  You can do that by visiting (but sign up from this email to get your $300 MultiProgram Savings!).

Remember, the Early Bird Savings of $500 is IN ADDITION to the $300 MultiProgram Savings and expires at


Eastern September 22!

In full and unwavering support of you and your business,


P.S. I wouldn't create such an amazing offer if I didn't care for you and your success as much as I do — you see, it genuinely breaks my heart to see so many people with incredible potential in their business fail because of overwhelm with their online marketing, no matter how much they spend in other programs and workshops.  Let me help you take action and get results!