The "This or That" Factor

It always feels funny to me that as many businesses wind down for the summer, we actually pick up.  With adding Gail Saseen to our Team, the doors about to open for registration to our Extreme Escalator Experience this October and several products currently at the printer, we’re settling in to a wonderful rhythm.
Not swamped, not overwhelmed, simply steadily busy in a way that makes me profoundly grateful for what we do and who we’re able to do it with.
And there’s a reason, well several reasons, however we’ll be focusing on one today and I call it the

“This or That” Factor

As a business owner, particularly a small or micro-business owner, we wear several hats – some out of sheer joy and others out of necessity.
Success comes from knowing which hat contributes which “thing” to your business.  From knowing what are those things that only you can do and which you can delegate and from knowing “when” to do what.
For example:

  • While I can create a webpage, it’s better that I instead spend my time focused on the copy as the copy is what connects me to the reader and those connections result in clients — and that I do this during my “peak performance” time
  • While I can use a service to send a “thank you” card, it’s better for my clients (and me) that I personally write each one as I say a few words of gratitude — and that I do this at the beginning/end of each day
  • While I could repurpose all of my writings, it’s a better use of my time to write the system and have my Team actually make it happen — and that I do this during non-peak performance time when I could be writing, speaking with clients, etc.

In essence, it’s about asking yourself “What is the best use of my time?” and then focusing on those things.  The rest can be delegated to an assistant, a team, a teenager, etc.
Or, if you’re not yet at a place where you can hire someone to delegate to, set aside 1-2 hours/day (or group into a day) to put on your “Admin Annabelle” hat and do that work.  Just remember to keep this hat on until the work’s done or your time’s up — whichever comes first.
Then, when time’s up, go back to *your* projects.
It’s knowing whether to work on “this” or “that” which contributes to your success today, tomorrow, this month, next month and every month after that.
So what are YOU doing during your peak performance time today?