What lessons have you learned?

I was going to an email announcing that there are only 6 SPOTS and 6 DAYS LEFT to get into my LAST EVER 90 Day Intensive and then I realized this email would be better spent asking you what lessons you've learned from the launch of my program. 


You see, whether or not you join (and I really hope you will), there have been plenty of marketing lessons to learn via the emails I've sent out: 


1. THE format which GUARANTEES increased readership of any "frequently asked questions" — did you catch it? 


2. The ONE primary reason this launch has had a greater number of email responses and phone calls than anything else I've done — and how you can use it in your business.


3. Why email marketing is no longer enough and what else you can — and must — do to build awareness.

. . .and many more which I'll be sharing in the 90 Day Intensive program.


Many of you have indicated that you want to join the program, but are afraid you'll be overwhelmed or not have enough time to get things done. 


I promise you this: 


1. There is NO WAY I'm going to let you get overwhelmed. 


2. Time spent in this program will be time IMPLEMENTING and BUILDING your business — you WILL be productive and focused and you WILL get results. 


3. This program is like having me as your PRIVATE ONLINE COACH, for a fraction of what it would otherwise cost you. 


If you're asking yourself whether or not this program is for you, ask yourself this one question: 


"Am I thrilled with the results my business is currently getting and if I was away for any length of time, would the revenue continue to come in or would things grind to a halt?"


. . .and you'll have your answer. 


You can learn more about the program at Small Business Marketing & Online Business Mentoring Program


As always, please email me if you have any questions. 


In full and unwavering support of you and your dreams, 


Sandy 🙂


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