I should grow my business “geometrically”?
I'd written a #SmarTini tip for Twitter and Facebook the other day stating that we should grow our businesses "geometrically". It raised a few eyebrows to say the least.  After... Read More
Sometimes it pays to just “go away”
I've been traveling a lot more than usual this year -- to conferences, for business retreats, scouting locations for my next workshop, a whole myriad of things. And just last week... Read More
Gmail and Your HTML Newsletter
I wanted to make you aware of a recent problem with Google's gmail accounts. Take a look at the snapshot of my ezine from yesterday below - this was sent... Read More
7 + 1 Summer Resources To Keep/Get You on Track
Despite the rain, wind and chilling temperatures today, it's officially the first day of summer here in Massachusetts. As you prepare to have the kids home from school and determine your... Read More
[SmarTini Tip] Expert Credibility: How to let your clients give it to you
If you've been around the "online world" a while, you know that "content is king" -- after all, it's generally expected that you should: * publish a weekly/biweekly email newsletter... Read More
Blog Tag: 10 Honest Traits About Me…
Hey Everyone, I've been tagged in a "blog tag" by my friend and Mastermind buddy Nancy Marmolejo of Viva Visibility.  These are so much fun and will give you a little more... Read More
I hope you’re not disappointed
I don't know about you, but I tend to reserve the last two weeks of the year for family, internal team trainings, tweaking and planning for 2009 and generally reflecting... Read More
HAPPY HALLOWEEN and a little something about DST
A quick reminder that at 2 a.m. on November 2nd (that's late Saturday/early Sunday), groggy Americans will turn their clocks back one hour, marking the end of Daylight Saving Time... Read More
Tortoise or hare — which describes you? And why “neither” is the *right* answer!
We've all heard the famous story of the tortoise and the hare and their legendary race.  Not knowing the outcome, who would have ever put their bet on the tortoise?... Read More
A new look is on its way…
I've been masterminding in Tucson with Kendall SummerHawk, Helen Graves and Anese Cavanaugh for the last several days and some amazing things have come out of our time together. In... Read More
When things don’t go as planned…
This past weekend was supposed to be one of resting and retreating – hanging out at Nauset Beach with my sister and her fiance and just enjoying the waves (they... Read More
Blackberry and PDA: Are you addicted?
Years ago when I was still working in a corporate environment, it was a requirement that I had my Blackberry with me at all times.  It actually became a joke... Read More
What’s up with Sandy: A Different Look Behind the Curtain
It seems there's a trend lately for my clients to be asking me some questions about myself -- how I support and treat myself outside the business so I'm so... Read More
Wise Words From David Neagle
I attended a one-day seminar with David Neagle last year and he said something which stuck with me.  To paraphrase… When you get clear about what you want and you... Read More
Eric Lindell, fresh from the Conan O’Brien show and a Lesson in Repurposing
DH (darling hubby) and I went out with a few members of his band the other night and saw a PHENOMENAL performance by Eric Lindell and his band.  They were... Read More
“Anywhere” Business…
As my clients know, I've been cooped up in the house lately -- pretty sick combined with a hectic schedule which kept me tied to the telephone. Today, however, I... Read More
If you’re doing this, reform or lose your list!
It's rare that something bugs me enough to warn others NOT to do it, but this is a special case. I just received a "newsletter" from a small business owner. ... Read More
Challenges of Working From Home
As much as I absolutely love working from home and wouldn't trade it for an outside office, it does come with certain challenges. Take today for instance... My plan was... Read More