#1 Reason You May Be Struggling with Certain Things in Your Business
If you follow me on social media, you know that DH (Darling Hubby) and I adopted two 7-month-old shepherd puppies just before Christmas. They turned a year-old yesterday. They’re “little... Read More
AmazonSmile = Helping you contribute to your favorite non-profit/charity
[caption id="attachment_8051" align="alignleft" width="126"] Courtesy of Amazon.com[/caption] Amazon's launched a new initiative:  AmazonSmile as a way to give 0.5% of your eligible purchases to your favorite charity as you shop... Read More
Business or Project Failing? What To Do
One of the characters in Michael Grant's Line of Duty novel states: "A guy I fish with once told me a funny story.  He'd just bought an anchor, and as... Read More
15 Minutes a Day to Change Your Business
Scott Turow wrote Presumed Innocent during his 30-minute commute on the train each morning. I spend 15-minutes handwriting cards (no email, no Send Out Cards, actual pen on paper) and... Read More
What a Burger Joint Can Teach You About Business
Some weeks are just full of learning opportunities and this is one of them! For me personally, while stuck on Martha’s Vineyard during this week’s blizzard, I learned how to... Read More
Amazon: The Ultimate in Extreme Client Care or…?
[caption id="attachment_8051" align="alignleft" width="126"] Courtesy of Amazon.com[/caption] Amazon is looking to ship products you haven't yet ordered. The Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon received a patent for what it... Read More
How to Help Improve Your Mindset
So many talk about mindset and the importance of maintaining a good, positive mindset in order to attract the things you wish into your life. What if we were to... Read More
"The 3 Questions"
[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="144"] Leo Tolstoy, photo courtesy of Biography.com[/caption] A client recently asked me how I determine what's the most important thing to focus on. Her question reminded me... Read More
How to Develop an Empowering Morning Routine
Are you ready to feel more in control of your day? Developing a morning routine that will boost your productivity can help you stay on top of your commitments for... Read More
Federal Government Shutdown — Learning to Survive Then Thrive
As you likely know, the US Government has partially shutdown.  The last time this happened, 17 years ago, I was a Federal employee and handled the Agency's allocation of funds... Read More
Suffering Entrepreneurial Burnout? 5 Ways to Reclaim Your Sanity
Now a serial entrepreneur and small business owner, there was a time when I worked with the Federal government and in Corporate start-ups.  While "start-up", "working non-stop" and "Federal government"... Read More
The Intersection of Diets, Gardens & Business — and How to Harness the Power of One Simple Concept
Visiting different farmers' markets and hanging out in my own garden this past weekend, something "clicked" for me. While growing a successful crop, becoming healthy and building a business all... Read More
Strategy, Tactics and Why I’m not a Coach
Last Sunday I logged into my Gmail account to see they’d changed the inbox.  Shortly after, I posted a note on my blog about the change and how it affects... Read More
It’s a disservice and it ticks me off
One of my biggest pet peeves is of so-called "marketing experts" who don't practice anything near what they preach. You know the ones who seem more snake oil salesmen than... Read More
The Day Coattails Turned Pink
Remember that old expression about riding into political office on the back of someone else's coattails? When you think about it, that's a pretty powerful concept -- tagging on to... Read More
Opt-in Page Format Leaves Visitors Feeling Duped and How You Can Avoid It While Increasing Conversions
This morning, while on Facebook, I saw the following post and when I saw who posted it, I was interested (note that I crossed out identifying info and excluded the... Read More
The $308 business retreat which created revenue of $4,991 in one week
  Ever feel swamped -- even the "good" swamped where you have several opportunities yet feel there's no time to take advantage of them all? That was me last month. ... Read More
3 Entrepreneurs: A Modern Fable That’s All Too Real
  Once upon a recent time, there were 3 women who left their jobs to become entrepreneurs seeking control of their time, the desire to create more income and freedom... Read More