A Pandemic Tale of Two Businesses
I live up the street from a small gourmet pizza shop. Their food is amazing.   Connecting with the owner over a few visits pre-pandemic, I learned that they're having... Read More
Defining Your Best Customer
Many define their "best" customers as the "big ticket" customers -- those who buy the biggest programs, products and services.   And, assuming all things are equal, clients who do... Read More
Creative Ways to Increase Sales Without Discounting Your Prices During a Crisis or Recession
You know businesses who are getting relief/support from the PayCheck Protection Program and/or the EIDL.   You may/may not be one of them.   Like the plant in this picture,... Read More
Entrepreneurial Overwhelm, Part 2 of 3: 3 Growth Stages of Your Business
Last week we spoke about the 3 Types of Entrepreneurial Overwhelm and I promised that we’d discuss the “3 Business Growth Stages™” and how to know where you are and... Read More
5 Learnings After Facebook Vanishes
It was 2:30am and I was happily sleeping after my second 12+ hour day at a conference in Atlanta.   And then came the dings. Ding. Ding. Ding. Each one... Read More
Refreshing the Client Experience
I recently read Hit Refresh: The Quest to Rediscover Microsoft's Soul and Imagine a Better Future for Everyone by Satya Nadella and the following is one of several passages that... Read More
The 3 F’s of a Successful Business
Sandra Martini discusses the 3 components of every successful business -- small or large. We received quite a few follow-ups to last week's article on 3 key marketing skills. Most... Read More
My Goals for 2017
  Sandra Martini shares her big list of goals for 2017 and how setting full-year goals can be advantageous to achievement. There's just something about writing goals down and committing... Read More
Tracking & Key Metrics for Every Business Owner
The one question which stops most people in their tracks:  "What are you tracking?" It usually ends with "hmm, revenue" or "revenue and expenses". While revenue and expenses are key... Read More
Client-Centered Marketing: What’s Old is New Again
We're (finally!) seeing a lot of businesses starting to focus on client care and the client experience. The Harvard Business Review recently referred to this as a "new" strategy: "The... Read More
10X Growth: 5 Questions and 4 Actions to Revolutionize Your Business
A few months ago I had mentioned the book The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone and while speaking with a client who's doing very well, I asked "What if you... Read More
5 Reasons Marketing Fails
Most businesses go about marketing all wrong.  I’ve been partnering with small business owners for 11+ years and see the same mistakes again and again. The issue is as simple... Read More
Earned Customer Interactions and Human Nature
Last week we started talking about maximizing "mobile blinders" and the 3 types of customer interactions. (Click here to read if you missed.) Of those 3 types, aside from sales,... Read More
The Quickest Way to Lose a Customer
There’s a restaurant about 30 min from where I live that my husband and I go to a couple times a year, typically for celebrations, anniversaries, etc. Walking in, we... Read More
Developing Compelling Offers
Wondering what people will buy from you? For those newer in business (say, less than a year), I recommend creating several mini-content offers, each targeted to a specific topic --... Read More
Email Best Practices for Higher Open Rates and Conversions
We spend so much time trying to connect (“touch”) with our prospects and clients that you want to ensure the information actually reaches them. Regardless of what you send, and... Read More
Connecting with Your Clients so They WANT to Hear AND Buy from You
You’re putting out your community connections – emails, audios, videos, programs, what-have-you – and your open rates are dropping. Have you considered that your community isn’t looking forward to hearing... Read More
Winning the Productivity Game
I was on the phone with a new client the other day and he asked how I get so much done. Follow that up with a consult where someone else... Read More