Amplify the positive impact of your products, services and marketing
Guest post by Bonnie Hutchinson “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”... Read More
The 3 F’s of a Successful Business
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3 Key Marketing Activities for 2017
Sandra Martini shares her predictions of the top 3 marketing activities savvy business owners will engage in during 2017. Regardless of the type of business owner you are, you can't... Read More
Tracking & Key Metrics for Every Business Owner
The one question which stops most people in their tracks:  "What are you tracking?" It usually ends with "hmm, revenue" or "revenue and expenses". While revenue and expenses are key... Read More
The Naming of a Business
Recently a potential client mentioned that she almost didn’t reach out as the name of my business (The Martini Way) didn’t resonate with her. She immediately went to the “alcohol”... Read More
10X Growth: 5 Questions and 4 Actions to Revolutionize Your Business
A few months ago I had mentioned the book The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone and while speaking with a client who's doing very well, I asked "What if you... Read More
5 Reasons Marketing Fails
Most businesses go about marketing all wrong.  I’ve been partnering with small business owners for 11+ years and see the same mistakes again and again. The issue is as simple... Read More
Mobile blinders and how to maximize them
Remember when you went to the grocery store (or any store) and perused the magazines, candy, etc. while waiting to check out? You were a captive audience – stuck with... Read More
Developing Compelling Offers
Wondering what people will buy from you? For those newer in business (say, less than a year), I recommend creating several mini-content offers, each targeted to a specific topic --... Read More
Email Best Practices for Higher Open Rates and Conversions
We spend so much time trying to connect (“touch”) with our prospects and clients that you want to ensure the information actually reaches them. Regardless of what you send, and... Read More
The Art of Touching Your Clients and Prospects
When it comes to nurturing via “touching” their community, many business owners freeze. Getting it “wrong”, often by not doing anything at all as opposed to doing too much and... Read More
Shock and Awe: Increasing Client Retention
I first heard the term “shock and awe” from Dan Kennedy;  It’s about Extreme Client Care™ in the sense that it’s high touch and high experience and it’s smart marketing.... Read More
3 ways my blog generates revenue
You know blogging is good for business: provides valuable content to your ideal clients, improves your search engine rankings when done consistently and generates revenue. Most business owners get the... Read More
Small Business Visibility: Being Everywhere and Nowhere
You know to show up “everywhere your ideal clients are”.  It’s nothing new and yet at the same time, it’s tough. Whether you’re hiring it out and a team is... Read More
Webcasts: Adding Clickable Slides and YouTube Videos
Have you ever hosted a webcast and wished your viewers could simply click over to your sales/information page without having to type in the URL? Without you having to repeat... Read More
Relationship Marketing vs Lead Generation Marketing
Replies to last week’s discussion of whether you prefer the “pretty” html format with pictures and logos or the simple text-like email format were interesting – about 85% preferred simple... Read More
Your Path to Productivity
There are so many books, apps, seminars, workshops and types of software on increasing productivity that you’d think we’d have it down by now. Productivity planning for left brainers, right... Read More
3 Resources for Your Business
When you own a business, there are so many things to do – some you excel at and others really should be hired (or “partnered”) out. Whether you’re doing it... Read More