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$1.5 trillion predicted by 2025 — are you getting a share?
Subscription programs are predicted to generate $1.5 trillion by 2025 according to UBS (an investment and financial services firm). What many don’t share is that the average membership/subscription member/customer stays... Read More
Winning the Productivity Game
While on the phone with a colleague recently, she said, “I don’t get how you can be so freakishly productive.” “Freakishly?” That put me off a bit until she followed... Read More
AI: Why we’re not embracing the trend
Do you use AI (artificial intelligence) in your business? Chat GPT has gotten the most promotion (especially since Microsoft is backing them) and Google announced that it’s coming out with... Read More
9 Questions to Creating Wealth
We often hear that "selling is hard", "many small businesses fail", etc. And while all that's true, today, instead, we're going to focus on the positive things you can do... Read More
4 Credibility Busters – Do any affect your business?
I use a PO Box for business mail (do you?) and typically pick it up weekly unless I’m driving by off hours as I often have BudBud with me. Luckily... Read More
Consistent Follow-up: How to and How NOT to
Have you heard the phrase “a day or a decade” when it comes to converting prospects to clients? Or website visitors to opted-in leads? While I don’t know where it... Read More
Membership Systems: Why Simplicity Matters
A former client reached out with a problem.  None of the videos on their membership platform worked. The video descriptions were still there, but not the videos.  Like many others,... Read More
National Handwriting Day
Each year, January 23rd is celebrated as National Handwriting Day. Being a fan of handwritten notes, cards and letters, especially in this era of digital everything and instant communication, I... Read More
“When it came up”
Most businesses go through “feast and famine” periods – periods where either you have so many clients you’re longing for a day off and other periods where you’re wondering if... Read More
Increase Profits with These 5 Retention Strategies
The proof is in the stats: It costs up to seven times more to gain a new client than to keep a current one. A 5% increase in customer retention... Read More
How businesses tick off potential customers
Recently, a long-time friend and client celebrated her wedding anniversary -- 48 years. I called a florist in her town, ordered something very specific, confirmed they had it in stock and it... Read More
Is it Red, Yellow or Green?
Red Yellow Green These colors are visible on every stoplight in America. There are 75 days left this year — less when you exclude holidays, conferences, days off, etc. If... Read More
Ensuring email marketing success
Do you belong to any membership or subscription programs? I do… several in fact as I often consult with businesses on how to improve their retention rates and like seeing... Read More
Raising Your Rates: Consider this first
We use Keap, specifically the Max Classic version, to send you this article each week. Anyone who’s checked it out knows it’s not inexpensive. And last week we got an... Read More
Time Management: A new approach to productivity
What if you knew you had about 4,000 total weeks to live? That life is finite (whatever your number of weeks). What would be important to you if you viewed... Read More
Client Experience: 3 examples of what not to do and 1 winner
Imagine you receive a monthly subscription of dog food. An email comes in that the food’s on its way. A few days later, another email… food’s been delivered.  Only no... Read More
Handwritten Notes – The impact of sending them consistently
A colleague called recently to thank me for a card I’d sent – yep, an actual card that I personally wrote, stuffed, stamped and mailed. After thanking me, he mentioned... Read More
We had a cup of coffee and then he wanted to get married
Have you ever had that feeling after having a conversation with someone? Before you've had a chance to get to know each other and build a relationship? That's what many... Read More