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CRMs and business: Often-missed opportunities
I’ve been speaking with lots of business owners lately who have great businesses, strong marketing plans and comprehensive CRM/email marketing solutions. Unfortunately none of them are working together, let alone... Read More
PayPal Changes, Postal Increases and 1099-K’s… oh my!
A few snippets that may affect you/your business: Effective this past Sunday, US postal rates increased. A First Class stamp is now $0.60 (up $0.02). Check out the rest of the... Read More
Non-financial benefits of your business
With any Q3 planning you may have done/be doing, consider the non-financial benefits your business gives you… In what feels like forever ago, I worked in Peace Corps’ marketing department,... Read More
Trust built or destroyed?
Would you rather listen to this article? You can do that here. Are you experiencing some good and not-so-great services/customer experiences lately that affect your level of trust with the... Read More
Two opportunities/lessons from a recent roundtable
Happy Summer! With the heat as hot as it’s been around the US, seems we’ve been well into summer for a bit now.  Last week I attended a local business... Read More
Value Ladders: Identifying the holes in your offerings
Do you ever do tedious work while having a movie on in the background?  This weekend, I decided to knock out a few tedious things that only I could do... Read More
Becoming a positive disruptor
The national satellite company I worked for was closing its Massachusetts’ office’s doors – as the last employee I locked the doors on my way out on New Year’s Eve... Read More
Moving backburner projects off the backburner
Every business tends to have a backburner – those projects that “you’ll get to” at some point.  And, for me, the more books I read/the more things I want to... Read More
How to future proof your business
Inflation is down a smidge, gas is the highest I’ve seen it ($4.19 here outside Myrtle Beach, SC), services keep increasing (while “good service” is harder to find) and finding... Read More
Increasing Revenue and Profitability: 4 Internal Steps
There’s just something about the shift in energy when leaving our normal surroundings and going somewhere else to write/strategize… as long as wherever you’re going has what you need to... Read More
Grow your business: 5 ways to start today
It feels like we were just wondering where Q1 went and POOF!, we’re now at the end of April.  After a conversation with a colleague last week, I want to... Read More
Surprise and Delight: 4 Simple Steps to Extreme Client Care™
How are you welcoming new clients/program members and celebrating with/congratulating existing clients?  Recently I was speaking with a real estate broker and coach around our team creating her membership program... Read More
3 Tips to Reaching Any Goal
Back in January, I was challenged to do something different. Something that would take significant effort and isn’t something I’ve done before. I reviewed my 2022 goals (business and personal)... Read More
A simple way to increase engagement
Are you treating all members of your list the same? If so, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.  In reviewing a client’s membership program and email communications, we saw... Read More
Adapting Your Membership Program Backend to Better Support Members
We started the Get It Done Right program in February 2010. It was a popular program and we managed it all on an e-learning platform called Ruzuku. We were paying... Read More
3 Mistakes Businesses Often Make with Their Membership Program
If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may have seen that I've taken on Andy Frisella's 75Hard challenge (warning: Lots of cursing in this podcast episode). One of the things... Read More
The Oregon Files: A lesson in presenting & marketing
Have you read any of Clive Cussler’s books? His most well-known series are “Dirk Pitt Adventures”. I read those years ago and recently came across another of his series: The... Read More
Your P&L: Have you viewed it this way?
Happy February! (No worries, I’m not going to tell you that a month of 2022 has already passed – I know you know.) I recommend Profit First to all my... Read More